Chelsea Will Borrow Costa to Las Palmas

Chelsea Will Borrow Costa to Las Palmas

Chelsea will take the attitude about exile striker Diego Costa. Previously, players berpaspor Spain, forced to train themselves in Brazil after wasted from the squad and not in Antonio Conte’s plans this season.

Previously, Costa planned to return to Atletico Madrid. The two clubs almost reached a deal for the 28-year-old for £ 30m. It dropped drastically from the £ 50m score that Chelsea demanded at the start of the negotiations.

However, as Atletico are in penalty transfer until the winter transfer window, January, they can not bring a single player on the window this summer. Including, there is no final agreement for the Costa transfer.

Therefore, the defending Premier League champions will also issue a wise decision not to let Costa “rot” at Stamford Bridge. According to reports The Sun, Lagarto’s Brazilian born player will be loaned for four months to La Liga club, Las Palmas.

The decision was of course to maintain fitness until the transfer window in January. The reason, if Costa does not play a competitive match until the end of December, it is not impossible Atletico stop the Costa transfer process from Chelsea. Because, Atletico certainly do not want to gamble by recruiting players who are not in a state ready to perform.

If so to Las Palmas, Costa could overtake Vitolo, a new Atletico player who also loaned to the club. Vitolo is the only new recruitment of Atletico this summer. Due to the transfer ban, the 27-year-old was loaned to another club.

Mourinho: Leicester’s Back to Best Performance

Mourinho: Leicester’s Back to Best Performance

Jose Mourinho believes now Leicester City has returned to his best form under the direction of Craig Shakespeare Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

Evidently, surprisingly The Foxes Arsenal could be troublesome in the Premier League opener two weeks ago. Despite swallowing defeat but at the meet Brighton & Hove Albion in King Power stadium won a convincing victory. Even recently Jamie Vardy cs able to overcome Sheffield United in the EFL Cup.

With that note then Mou feel Manchester United who will host Leicester Saturday night at Old Trafford will not be easy to continue the positive trend.

“I think they are the same team as last two seasons,” Jose Mourinho told the media.

“Will they become champions again? honestly, I do not think so because there are many other teams.

“But I think in quality, I think they are the same team and they play exactly as before.

“The game counter Arsenal did end with a defeat but could also end in victory. At home they win over Brighton & Hove Albion, midweek counter cons of Sheffield United in the EFL Cup they change the squad and they win comfortably again.

“So I think they are back to their normal and will be very difficult for us tomorrow.”

Pot Sharing for Champions League Group Draws

Pot Sharing for Champions League Group Draws

Champions League play-off round 2017/2018 completed on Wednesday (23/08/2017). A total of 32 contestants in the group phase was already officially known.

The draw of the group division for 32 Champions League contestants will be held on Thursday (8/24/2017) in Monaco.

The thirty-two teams will be divided into eight groups, each containing four clubs. Clubs from the same country will not be placed in a single group.

For the lottery mechanism, 32 teams are divided into four featured pots. Each group will be filled with one team each from pots 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Pot 1 contains defending champions and top seven European league champions based on UEFA coefficients in 2016.

Because Real Madrid are the defending champions and one of the seven best league champions, the champions of the eighth best league also enter pot 1.

Pot 2, 3, and 4 filled the remaining 28 teams. They are based on coefficients of the 2017 UEFA club.

Here are the pots divisions for the Champions League group draw of 2017-2018.

Pot 1: Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Juventus, AS Monaco, Spartak Moscow, Benfica, Shakhtar Donetsk

Pot 2: Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid, PSG, Borussia Dortmund, Sevilla, Manchester City, Manchester United

Pot 3: Napoli, Tottenham, Basel, Olympiakos, Anderlecht, Roma, Besiktas, Liverpool

Pot 4: Celtic, CSKA Moscow, Qarabag, Sporting, Apoel, Feyenoord, Maribor, RB Leipzig

The entry of Napoli, Tottenham, Roma, and Liverpool in pot 3 potentially led to a number of groups of death.

For example, Real Madrid, PSG, Naples and Sporting are in a group or Bayern Munich, Barcelona, ​​Liverpool and Feyenoord.

Sterling: City Should Be More Efficient

Sterling: City Should Be More Efficient

Post-draw results obtained by his team from Everton, Raheem Sterling hope Manchester City can perform more efficiently.

In the game, City held 1-1 draw by The Toffees, and despite successfully contributed one goal, Sterling claimed not satisfied with the performance that he displays.

“I’m really very disappointed. Before the goal was created, I had a chance to get a golden opportunity. I should be able to hit the target, “said the England national team winger told reporters.

“I was lucky enough, I can get a second chance, and create a goal from that opportunity. But vital moments also happen in the chances before the balancing goal is created. ”

“If we get a chance again like that, then we must have won the game. We just need to perform with less efficiency. That’s what’s missing from our team. We need to get over this, and go on next week. “

Luis Milla Reminds the Potential Threats of Timor Leste

Luis Milla Reminds the Potential Threats of Timor Leste

Two steps U-22 Indonesia national team in SEA Games 2017 football including sweet. After holding back the reigning champions Thailand 1-1, Hansamu Yama et al beat the Philippines 3-0.

However, Sunday (20/08/2017), they must forget the euphoria of victory against the Philippines, because the opponent to be faced including tough. Indonesia will fight Timor Leste at Selayan Municipal Council Stadium, at 15.00 pm.

Indonesia is currently second in Group B with four points, below Vietnam and on goal difference over Thailand. The threat from Timor Leste was realized by U-2 national team coach Luis Milla.

“East Timor is a difficult team like any other team, it will not be easy,” Luis Milla told

“The children respect East Timor and will give their best in tomorrow’s game,” he added.

Although Timor Leste has always lost in the previous 2 matches, Luis Milla will not belittle him. Precisely because of that, Timor Leste can bring dangerous threats.

So he stressed to Garuda Young’s troops to always look at the opponent heavily in a decisive match.

“Here we know that every game is a final, I want every game the player must play as much as possible,” he said.

Ray Wilkins: Big Mistakes Chelsea Matic Off

Ray Wilkins: Big Mistakes Chelsea Matic Off

According to Roy Wilkins states, a big mistake for Chelsea who decided to release Matic to Manchester United Agen Sbobet.

Nemenja Matic officially brought the Red Devils with a transfer value in the figure of 40 Million Pounds, but he claimed this is the beginning of a fatal error.

“Of course it is a big wrong decision for Chelsea to decide to release Matic to Manchester United, a mistake that is very fatal,” Wilkins told the media.

“If it can be likened, just like Chelsea give up the united squad to win the Premier League in this new season, I also do not understand why they decided this transfer,”

Guardiola: Winning in the Prime Game is Very Important

Guardiola: Winning in the Prime Game is Very Important

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola discussed his side’s victory over Brighton and Hove Albion in the Premier League first week party at the Amex Stadium on Saturday (08/12/2017).

Manchester City won 2-0 thanks to Sergio Aguero’s lead in the 75th minute and an own goal by Lewis Dunk five minutes later.

Guardola rate, there is little shortage of his team when failed to score a goal in the first half.

In fact, before the break, the team beralias The Citizens just release two shots that direct direction to goalkeeper Mat Ryan.

“We are aware that Brighton is a promotional team with enthusiasm and audience support,” said Guardiola as reported by from Manchester City’s official website.

“It is not easy to attack 10 people inside the penalty box,” he said.

Only, Guardiola still feel satisfied with the appearance of foster children.

What’s more, they performed more effectively in the second 45 minutes. Of the two additional kicks towards goal, Manchester City scored two goals.

“Our level of play is the same as the pre-season we will keep improving,” Guardiola said.

“It’s important to win the first game,” he said.

With this result, The Citizens perched in second place standings with a collection of three points or just a goal difference from Huddersfield Town at the top.

Sneijder: Balotelli Does Not Affect My Decisions

Sneijder: Balotelli Does Not Affect My Decisions

New midfielder Nice Wesley Sneijder admits that Mario Balotelli’s presence in no way affects his decision to move to Nice.

The 33-year-old midfielder was brought free from Galatasaray, and he is determined to be able to present the team to embrace the trophy.

“I’m still a winner, and I really hate losing. When I have to show my character, I will definitely do it. ”

“The quality of life in Nice is very good, but the same thing I feel in Madrid and in Milan. So I did not come here for that. ”

“I know Balotelli, but in making a decision, I never ask other players. I talked to the coach and the club director. “