Luis Milla Reminds the Potential Threats of Timor Leste

Luis Milla Reminds the Potential Threats of Timor Leste

Two steps U-22 Indonesia national team in SEA Games 2017 football including sweet. After holding back the reigning champions Thailand 1-1, Hansamu Yama et al beat the Philippines 3-0.

However, Sunday (20/08/2017), they must forget the euphoria of victory against the Philippines, because the opponent to be faced including tough. Indonesia will fight Timor Leste at Selayan Municipal Council Stadium, at 15.00 pm.

Indonesia is currently second in Group B with four points, below Vietnam and on goal difference over Thailand. The threat from Timor Leste was realized by U-2 national team coach Luis Milla.

“East Timor is a difficult team like any other team, it will not be easy,” Luis Milla told

“The children respect East Timor and will give their best in tomorrow’s game,” he added.

Although Timor Leste has always lost in the previous 2 matches, Luis Milla will not belittle him. Precisely because of that, Timor Leste can bring dangerous threats.

So he stressed to Garuda Young’s troops to always look at the opponent heavily in a decisive match.

“Here we know that every game is a final, I want every game the player must play as much as possible,” he said.