Zappacosta: Beautiful Debut Game

Zappacosta: Beautiful Debut Game

Chelsea’s new recruit, Davide Zappcosta describes his first game in a prestigious competition the blue continent is pretty chaotic fun Baccarat Online.

Where, in addition to managed to score a goal player in the boyong of Torino is also able to help his team win 6-0 counter Qarabag FK which took place at Stamford Bridge.

After the game he felt his debut in the Champions League really perfect.

“It was a real mess, but a beautiful mess,” Davide Zappacosta told the media.

“It’s the best night of my career. Without a doubt, I have never experienced a story like this, on my Champions League debut.

“Where was my first game with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and a spectacular goal. Everything is perfect. “

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