Valverde Lift Talk Related Handball Pique

Valverde Lift Talk Related Handball Pique

Ernesto Valverde insists that Gerard Pique did not deserve a red card for his handsball when Barcelona won 3-1 at Olympiakos, early this morning.

Barca went ahead after an own goal by Dimitris Nikolau, and until finally made Gerard Pique a hand-made goal in the match that made him receive a second yellow card.

Nevertheless, the coach gave a defense by claiming Pique did it by accident.

“I do not know the movement of Pique, I think it’s just instinct. It is an error that makes the second half a little more difficult because of the loss of one player, “Valverde told local media.

Valverde also spoke up related to Messi’s scintillating action in the game.

“Messi built an attack and he is looking for players to do a combination, with his bait.”

“It’s part of his instinct, as he passes in the direction of goal he sees a team mate in the right position, which he can take on a combination of operands and score goals.”