Ramos Must Use Painkiller as Madrid Fight Gremio

Ramos Must Use Painkiller as Madrid Fight Gremio

In order to defend Real Madrid in the 2017 Club World Cup final, Sergio Ramos is ready to play with the help of painkiller or pain reliever.

Ramos was forced to miss the party semi-final contra Al Jazira due to injured calf and back. 31-year-old defender was not going back to pulled over the top party counter Gremio in Zayed Sports City Stadium, Abu Dhabi, Saturday (16/12/2017) night or Sunday morning GMT.

For uninterrupted performance, he will receive a medical touch in the form of painkillers.

“It’s true I’m suffering from a sprain I might be looking for an alternative treatment,” Ramos said as quoted by Bolasport.com from the United States.

“This is not a serious problem, a little medical help will make it easier for me,” said the captain of the Spanish national team.

Hope Ramos certainly took home the trophy from Abu Dhabi.

“We hope to come home with a trophy after a week in Abu Dhabi,” Ramos said.

Ramos has twice tasted the Club World Cup, ie in 2014 and 2016. Both lead to the title.

Buffon Disappointed with the Italian “Fans”

Buffon Disappointed with the Italian “Fans”

The Italian national team struggled to a 1-0 victory over Israel at the Mappei Stadium on Tuesday (05/09/2017) or Wednesday morning GMT Bandar Bola. The only goal in the 2018 World Cup Group G qualifying match was the result of Ciro Immobile’s header in the 53rd minute.

However, the win did not seem enough to make Italian supporters satisfied. Especially Gli Azzurri very difficult to score a goal.

Almost during the game, Gianpiero Ventura’s coach landing team got scorn from spectators who came to the stadium. In addition to the difficulty facing Israel, this scorn is more due to the 0-3 defeat suffered by Italy from Spain at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium on Saturday (1/9/2017) or Sunday morning GMT.

In the game, Italy is not able to do much, although the match goes balanced with the same ball possession, 50-50. This makes the goalkeeper and captain of the Italian team, Gianluigi Buffon, very disappointed. For 39-year-old goalkeeper, mastery of the ball is the philosophy of the Spanish game, not the Italian team.

“Yes, sometimes there is scorn when we can not find a way out of the game but that is part of our philosophy,” Buffon said after defeating Israel to Rai Sport.

“No one cares about the possession of the ball in Italy, and in Spain, all the spectators will be applauded when their team performs 200 operands within 20 meters and that is a joke,” he said.

Buffon also said that if Italy forced to play with such a style, it would be bad for the team game.

“If we try to force play in accordance with the wishes of the audience, there will definitely be many risks that we will face in defense,” said Buffon.

“The coach has made the decision as part of his duties inspired by the characteristics of our players I think he has done a good job,” he said.